Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Solis, Mario Professor Universidad de Costa Rica San José, San Pedro
Costa Rica
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy [L/H] Political and moral philosophy, theories of justice, Latin American Philosophy, Development Ethics
Pearson, James Assistant Professor Bridgewater State University Bridgewater, MA
United States
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind [LGBTQ+] [M]
d'Agostini, Franca Lecturer University of Milan Milano,
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, 20th Cent. Continental Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics [W] Analytic-Continental Divide, Paradoxes, Truth, Dialectics, Paraconsistent Logics, Meta-metaphysics, Nihilism
Bustos Arellano, Aurora Georgina Graduate Student Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Mexico City , Mexico City
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Kant, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Gender, Practical Ethics, Social Philosophy [L/H] [NC] [O] [W] Mexican Epistemic Injustice, Epistemology of Testimony, Testimony, Social Injustice, Rape Culture, Feminism, Gender Based Violence, Gender Based Discrimination, Activism, Applied Philosophy, Applied Epistemology
Chambers, Clare Reader in Political Philosophy University of Cambridge Cambridge,
United Kingdom
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, Child, Family, Parenting, and Reproduction Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Political Philosophy [W] Marriage and Personal Relationships, Beauty and Appearance Norms, Contemporary Liberalism, Liberal Feminism, Radical Feminism, Social Construction, Political Philosophy of Multiculturalism and Religion, Equality, Autonomy
Moscaritolo, Alessandro PhD Candidate * University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, IL
United States
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy [L/H] [LGBTQ+] Philosophy of Language, LGBT Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Bioethics, Aesthetics
Boncompagni, Anna Assistant Professor University of California, Irvine Irvine, CA
United States
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, American Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language [LGBTQ+] [W] Nonnative English speaker Social epistemology; Wittgenstein
Waked, Bianca M. Graduate Student * Cornell University Ithaca, NY
United States
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, Aesthetics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Law [MENA] [MR] [D] [W]
Amijee, Fatema Assistant Professor University of British Columbia Vancouver , British Columbia
20th Cent. Anglo-American Philosophy, Early Modern European Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, History of Modern European Philosophy, Kant, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Religion, Rationalists [A] [W] Principle of sufficient reason, Emilie du Chatelet, Leibniz, Islam and feminism
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