Directory of Philosophers from Underrepresented Groups in Philosophy

Philosophy of History

Name Position Organization Location Area of Specialization Self-Identification Research
Yount, Lisa Associate Professor Savannah State University Savannah, GA
United States
Critical Theory, Existentialism, Feminist Philosophy, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Political Philosophy [W]
Binder, Marnie Lecturer California State University Sacramento Sacramento, CA
United States
20th Cent. Continental Philosophy, Aesthetics, American Philosophy, Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of History [W] pragmatism, philosophy of history and historiography
Arens, Katherine Professor of Germanic Studies and Women's and Gender Studies U of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas
United States
19th Cent. German Philosophy, 20th Cent. Continental Philosophy, Early Modern European Philosophy, Epistemology, History of Modern European Philosophy, Kant, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Post-Structuralism, Psychoanalytic Theory [W] Vienna Circle, History of Philosophy of Education
Curry, Tommy Professor University of Edinburgh , UK
United Kingdom
African-American Philosophy, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Race, Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy [B] [M] Black Male Studies, 19th Century Ethnology, 20th Century Racial Science, Anti-Colonialism, and Critical Race Theory
Gilbert, Bennett Adjunct Senior Instructor * Portland State University Portland, Oregon
United States
American Philosophy, Ancient Greek and Roman, History of Modern European Philosophy, Medieval European Philosophy, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of History [LGBTQ+] Jewish
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